About pySoC

The idea to develop a System on Chip generator was influenced by the Armadeus Project which I discover on linuxfr.org in November 2006.

Armadeus Project was at this time ready to accept members and the development board, the APF9328, tested and ready to be sold to the new members.

The thing that really interest me on this board was the link between the FPGA and the CPU. All the other stuff, like Linux port/update/maintenance, Qt or other graphic library porting are not my cup of tea.

After become an Armadeus Project member and receiving my APF board, I started to study Wishbone Specifications and made some propositions for a System on Chip Generator for the APF.

The feedback was very good and interesting. The name for the project was accepted and I wrote basic development specifications. But after some time, my day time job become more and more important and I also bought a house with my girl friend. So there was no more time left to work on the SoC project.

One year later, after finishing the work on the house I restarted working on my SoC project. In the time between nothing really happens, I only found some time to learn Python winking smiley

During this year, I often think about the SoC and realized that it would be much better to be less board specific and to open the development for other boards.

This was then the starting point of the Orchestra, a System on Chip Generator project.