A word of warning

pySoC is currently alpha-state software. There are no separate stable and development branches, just a development branch. New versions usually contain a mix of new or changed features and bugfixes, and unfortunately, sometimes new bugs. So, file format is given for information and can be modified at any time.

pySoC files format is based on XML. XML allows many kind of manipulation and is a multiplatform file format. There are several tools and/or library specialized in XML manipulation, so XML seems to be a good choice winking smiley

The following chapters gives more details about pySoC XML files.

  1. XML file format common rules
  2. Components XML file format
    1. Description
    2. HDL Files
    3. Signals description
    4. Generic parameters
    5. Bus Interfaces
    6. Internal Registers
    7. Driver Files
    8. Component example
  3. Targets XML file format
    1. Description
    2. Clocks definition
    3. Modules definition
    4. Default IPs definition?
    5. Target example
  4. System on Chip design XML file format
    1. Description
    2. Internal interconnection bus
    3. Clock domains
    4. IP usage
    5. Design example